Definition of the wood/timber industry:
Primary timber industry is a company that processes logs into semi finished or finished goods. The resulting output consist of five kinds: sawn timber (kayu gergajian), woodchip (serpih kayu), veneer, plywood (kayu lapis) and Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL).

The role of the wood industry:
The wood industries in Central Java have many strategic role in encouraging national and regional economic growth. Its existence provides positive impact on employment and business opportunities for rural communities in surrounding forest. In line with the motto "Hutanku Lestari Rakyatku Mukti" which was inaugurated by the Governor of Central Java, timber industry has been growing rapidly. Many industrial businesses invest in wood companies that increases the growth sector of economy in Central Java, especially in rural areas. Btw, Indogreen Forestry Expo usually offers a business meeting and investment program.

Progress of the wood industries in Central Java:
Until now, wood companies that already exist in Central Java approximately as many as 780 units management and they are spread in 31 districts / cities in Central Jawa. Total production capacity is amounted to 3.275.795 cubic meters/year. Raw materials are sourced from private forest (hutan rakyat), natural forest (hutan alam), and mixed forest (hutan alam dan hutan rakyat), such as from Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, and Irian Jaya. However, it should make a supply contract for wood raw materials which are derived from natural forests. Timber industries in Central Java currently require wood raw materials (logs) more than 6 million cubic meters/year.

Investment and labor:
The wood industries in Central Java have absorbed labor reached more than 45.000 workers, whereas value of investment in the forest industries over 1.450.000,00 US dollars. Labor in forestry sector is to fulfill labor requirement for activities from upstream to downstream, nursery labor, planting, maintenance, harvesting, transporting labor for industrial raw materials, and employees in wood processing industry.

Reference: Statistic of Central Java.

timber industry


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