Batavia Dana Saham Mutual Fund:
Batavia Dana Saham is an open end fund registered in Indonesia. The fund seeks capital appreciation by investing in securities, primarily common stocks, of Indonesian issuers. The Fund's target composition is 80% of its Net Asset Value in stocks and 20% in money market instruments. The mutual funds have turned 18 years old. NAV is IDR 44,967.50, on 2013-10-11. Assets is 664,947.56 M, on 2013-08-30. Subscription fee 1%, redemption fee 1%, switching fee 0.5%. Minimum investment is IDR 1,000,000. and minimum subsequent investment is IDR 100,000.

Top fund holdings for reksadana Batavia Dana Saham:
  1. Astra International (8.229%)
  2. Telekomunikasi Indonesia (8.017%)
  3. Bank Mandiri (7.717%)
  4. Bank Central Asia (5.899%)
  5. Gudang Garam (5.772%)
  6. Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa (5.090%)
  7. Semen Indonesia Persero (4.601%)
  8. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (4.219%)
  9. Indofood Sukses Makmur (3.578%)
  10. Kalbe Farma (2.325%)


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